Canadian Jeweller Buyer's Choice Award Winner

Custom Work
Michael Dean prides himself on his one-of-a-kind jewellery, one-off artisan craft. He enjoys producing good, clean work and keeping the jewellery designs classic and simple. Michael is of the "less is more" school that doesn't complicated jewellery.

He describes his process in the following
video clip.
Michael's classic wedding bands
I have been practicing my craft of gem setting and goldsmithing for 35 years. I specialize in diamond setting, one of my specialties is gypsy setting which is the embedding of diamonds into metal so that they look like they're floating. I like organic flow, round curves and comfortable shapes I also enjoy putting 360-degree patterns in my designs. The majority of my work is in the bridal market but I also enjoy making other types of unique jewellery. I see 3D in my mind so my best designs appear when I take all of my parts: gemstones, pieces of metal and see how they interact with each other or in the middle of the night.

Custom Jewellery Design

When ordering a Custom Jewellery Design there is some elements that need to be taken into consideration:

  • Type of metal e.g. Gold or Platinum
  • Color of gold e.g. yellow, white or rose
  • Type of gemstones e.g. diamond, sapphire, spinel etc.
  • Size of gemstones
  • Finger size
  • Complexity of design

The above elements will determine the cost of a Custom Jewellery Design. I love taking people through the design process and I would be pleased to guide you too.

All of my creations are designed to each client’s requirements; this process usually takes 6 - 8 weeks to complete. I will build you a custom creation that will astonish and delight.

I look forward to designing a special piece of jewellery just for you.

Michael Dean working at his bench

Gold, White Gold, or Platinum?

Gold has been used for centuries to make jewellery, not only because of the beautiful rich yellow luster, but because it is a very durable and workable metal. Gold will always be associated with riches and royalty. The most commonly used grades of Gold in North America are 10KT, 14KT and 18KT, which is the richest of the gold colors.